I have been fortunate to be involved in a wide range of projects throughtout my career spanning computer science, bioinformatics, and computer-aided drug design. Below is a brief description of such projects followed by my publications.

  • Developed novel statistical framework for combining information from multiple observations and sources and applied it to predict protein targets of small molecules that can potentially lead to undesirable side-effects.
  • Investigated and implemented natural language processing methodology to draw relationships between small molecules based on clinical effects data present in public resources.
  • Implemented a dynamic programming algorithm to measure the similarity between enzymes and a web interface to access the methodology.
  • Investigated distributed computing platform for folding of mRNA.
  • Improved pipeline to analyze next-generation malaria transcriptome sequences.
  • Employed machine language methodology and algorithms to analyze array comparative genomic hybridization data to be able to predict cancer patient outcome.
  • Designed and implemented an AJAX based visualization tool to aide in the analysis of cancer genomic sequence data.
  • Implemented a graph-based algorithm and a novel similarity metric to compute the similarity between small molecules.
  • Developed efficient algorithms for graph theory research specifically on edge graceful labeling problems.


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